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Material for Review - Oct. 2020 + Nov. 2020

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Ilya S.
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We invite everyone to leave their reviews of material/record listed below - 240 characters or less!

If you have a record on your mind that isn't listed feel free to post it as well!

And if you're feeling up for doing a full review of any of the records on the list, DM us on Twitter (@iheartnoise)!

Genetic Effects - Aminal Prisms

Closed Circuits - Returner

Haunted Disco - Gnossienne (Speak & Spell Records) 

Patricia Wolf - Soto Le Stelle

Cadu Tenorio - Waifu 

Wendy Eisenberg - Auto (Ba Da Bing) 

Eyes Everywhere - Through the Eye of Justice EP 

Mood Taeg - Exophora (Happy Robots Records) 

Nick Mitchell Maiato - Pino Carrasco (Was Ist Das) 

Pepo Galan - Soledad (Stereoscenic Records)

Mucker - Mr. Soft (Box Records) 

Hey Colossus - Dances / Curses (Wrong Speed Records)

Jerry David DeCicca - The Unlikely Optimist and His Domestic Adventures

Burial Grid - Negative Space

Ganser - Just Look at that Sky (Felte) 

Cerca - Khalum Zilam

Whettman Chelmets / qualchan. - Theme Variations (Strategic Tape Reserve) 

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Luis Gallardo (Noisense)
 Luis Gallardo (Noisense)
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Pepo Galán - Soledad

I grew up by the same beach mentioned in the liner notes. The endless summer days, the sounds of the fishermen boats, the stillness of the sea... all is here, testimony of a world that fades away.

David Soulscorch
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 David Soulscorch
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Burial Grid - Negative Space

Brooding, emotive, 80's horror themed dark ambient, synth infused, imagined soundtrack to a Yeager novel.

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Nick Mitchell Maiato - Pino Carrasco

A great album that never fails to brighten my day. Cool lyrics & perfect guitar parts for days. Sounds like a long lost 1970s album that got rediscovered by hip blogs(like this 1.lol) &released for 21st century ears. Best part is it feels like that but in a natural way,not like some bands where you can feel that they tried so hard.This one gets lots of spins round my house.


james Dillon
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 james Dillon
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Wendy Eisenberg - Auto

I must confess, i had not heard of Wendy before her debut album for BA DA Bing records (which came out in October).

She is a trained Jazz musician, and that makes sense listening to this record, but there is more to this record.        From Folk, rock and even country.

She was Inspired by the solo work of Mark Hollis (Talk Talk) and David Sylvian’s Blemish. For me it was like someone grabbed Captain Beefheart and Tune-yards and throw them in a washing machine.


I really like this record and it is growing on me with every listen. Give yourself time between listens to hear all the little sounds and lyrics that you missed last time.


As i said it came out via BA DA Bing records on 16th October and you can get it via Bandcamp.



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Mary Lattimore - Silver Ladder

It’s awesome, gorgeous, elegant, fierce. And Neil Halstead’s contributions are synergistic/rad.

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