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Moscow Music Week – Sept. 2 to Sept. 5 – Post-USSR / 1991 to Now – Ripping Off Brian Eno Since 2008
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Moscow Music Week - Sept. 2 to Sept. 5  


Ilya S.
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10/08/2020 9:17 am  

h/t Rocket Recordings 

Moscow Music Week will take place soon and since I saw Gnoomes on the list, it only makes sense to post a link to their work and work of those playing the fest. Lets gooooooooo / поехали...

Bad Zu - wrong ethnic music 

Lucidvox - four ladies playing psychedelic music with a bit of krautrock mixed in

uSSSy - sure to please to fans of experimental rock, Middle Eastern melodies, world music rhythms, and noise rock! - canthisevenbecalledmusic

[Жахни Ему], Донателло! - aka ВЕД - emo-punk band from Moscow

Автоспорт - band from Moscow

Акульи Слёзы - dream-pop from Ufa

The Rig (Russian Improv Group) - “bastard mix” of klezmer, improv and urban jazz.
(Richard Foster, Louder Than War) 

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Ilya S.
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15/08/2020 9:33 am  


Avramova! - file under: electronic indie pop synthfunk synthpop synthwave techno

Позоры -  Feminism, punk, noise-rock, industrial etc.

Rosemary Loves a Blackberry - rosemary loves a blackberry is a multi genre project, focused on music and music-related research without any formal or stylistic limitations.

Supruga - 4-piece band from the Dark Zhiguli Region.

The OMY - Though being inclined to psychedelic rock, The OMY loves to experiment with its sound in a very unpredictable way for the listener both in live performs and records.

Tyagotenie - Inside out, deeper inside

JRPJEJ - from Nalchik. File under: folk choral circassian

Зорки Во - File under: folk home recording lo-fi pantheism psychedelic Moscow

Tapenight - POST-POP inside...

Мёртвая Голова - from Yaroslavl. File under: rock avant-garde garage neopsychedelia post-punk shoegaze

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