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Skids - A Burns Night Celebration Livestream  

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Burns Night is “punked-up” by the Skids as they sing and dance their way through Rabbie's classics in a tribute to Scotlands greatest poet and punk Robert Burns.

From Killiekrankie to Ae Fonde Kiss get ready for a mad evening of the great mans work with a unhealthy splattering of Skids classics plus some Big Country and Armory Show songs thrown in for good measure.

"In 1977, we were singing songs about what we saw as a world in crisis, today that message is more relevant than ever! The songs have a different power when played acoustically - a new energy - triumph, rage, camaraderie, and a positivity that has always been and will always be the motivation of the bands music and words." - Richard Jobson

This livestreamed show is being broadcast to you from the very building that the SKIDS rehearsed in back in their formative years.

A range of stream exclusive merchandise will be available to ticketholders.

Your Link to the exclusive merchandise will be sent with your e-ticket.l.

AND FINALLY.........

Everyone who buys a ticket will have their name entered into a draw for the chance to record some backing vocals on the next Skids studio album and have their name in the credits.


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