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The Return Of Tha Ill Saint [LOWHOP066]

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We are proud to announce that he is back with a boming 6 track 12inch - the "Tha Ill Saint" aka "The Ill Saint" aka "Spectre" aka the mastermind behind the unique and famous label "WordSound" aka ...

"Back in the 1990s and into the 2000s, WordSound Recordings don Skiz Fernando Jr. donned a handful of monikers as pseudonymous cover for his musical endeavors. One of these was Tha Ill Saint, specifically credited with production for a number of releases by the uniquely underrated rapper Sensational. After years of relative dormancy, this surprise EP brings back the illbient spectre of those dope days. Immersive and bleak, the instrumental hip-hop dystopia of “Plague Of Ignorance” and “Supernatural Forces” grips likes gloved hands clasping a neck from behind, an ideal soundtrack to a pandemic-addled New York City made more uncertain and eerie empty after-hours. With Scotty Hard in his orbit, he remains a master of dub darkness."
(Gary Suarez, https://cabbages.substack.com/ )

Éminence Grise by THA ILL SAINT [LOWHOP066]
Limited heavyweight 12inch vinyl, released 11th june 2021 - hot of the press!

Crop the vinyl here: https://qrates.com/projects/22941
& visit our page: www.lowhop-records.com


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