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The Jewel Garden  

Brad Rose
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 Brad Rose
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Hello! Last year, I started a new label called The Jewel Garden, mainly as a vehicle to release my own work. (I previously ran Digitalis from 2003 until 2015). Today we announced the first physical releases on the label and I'm stoked to share them with you!

Tikkun Olam "World ov Light" CD/digital

Tikkun Olam is the new Toronto duo of multi-instrumentalist Colin Fisher (Astral Spirits, Halocline Trance, etc.) and sound sculptor Ilyse Krivel (Aural Tethers), who handled all recording and production duties. Fisher and Krivel surprise at every turn on their debut, World ov Light. Channeling late 70s ECM with early electronic grooves, Tikkun Olam arrives just in time to ride the summer breeze into sprawling aural landscapes filled with bright flowers and rolling hills.

In the distance, just off the coast rhythms rise from turquoise waves, flitting across the surface until fully formed and ever present. Colin Fisher lays down dizzying saxophone runs, singing animalistic melodies at the sky, the visceral feelings highlighted by Krivel’s gritty production work. Guitar solos steeped in soulful, funk-infused tonal drips are effervescent and in constant motion. Bright arpeggios offer shade to sunburnt synth melodies, everything waiting for Fisher to lay down sax belters. Even in the hazier, more experimental moments, the grooves ride on a sultry flow.

Fisher’s innate talent is on full display throughout World ov Light, wonderfully backed by Krivel’s stochastic party rhythms. Catchy while still being far out, Tikkun Olam’s summer tunes are simply waiting for an invitation. Get down.

Indian Weapons "Messianic" cassette/digital

Basically the polar opposite of the above. 

Thanks for checking it out! Lots of fun stuff in the works ahead...

all the best,



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