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Pygarg - Snap Lockdown Noise out now  

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Snap Lockdown Noise is the fourth album by Pygarg. Composed during a two-week lockdown in Melbourne in May and June 2021 (portended by the lunar eclipse pictured on the cover), it uses processed white noise and field recordings to capture the frustration and isolation of going into a lockdown at a time when the rest of the world seems to be ending them.

Snap Lockdown Noise crosses a range of experimental genres - from an ambient opening reminiscent of William Basinski, it soon descends into harsh noise, interspersed with dark ambience.

Snap Lockdown Noise is now available on streaming platforms: and Bandcamp:

Genres: noise, harsh noise, experimental, dark ambient, ambient noise


Pygarg is a solo musician and sound artist from Melbourne, Australia. He uses traditional instrumentation and noise techniques to create abstract, introspective soundscapes.

Contact: [email protected]


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