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OUT NOW: Anatomy of the Heads - A Banishment of Bloodshed and Superstition (Jazz-Rock, Exotica and other strange growths)  

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Dear connoisseurs of the strange and the beautiful,

make sure to check our new album for a pilgrimage through dense vegetation of explosive jazz-rock and other strange growths.

BANDCAMP: https://aoftheh.bandcamp.com/album/a-banishment-of-bloodshed-and-superstition

...also available on all streaming platforms


"This record delivers a perfectly rational explanation for various ectoplasmic mist phenomena in Oceania" People of /x/

"This album is a must for obese teenagers having trouble in the bedroom."
The Indonesian Minister of Youth and Exercise

"Finally, a remedy for French housewives who are caught between myth and reality"
A Famous Love Specialist from Jakarta


FFO: Sun City Girls, Ambitious Lovers, Sun Ra, Cheer Accident, (the) Melvins, The Residents, John Zorn and U.S. Maple


May the volcano gods be with you!


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