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New remix out today: Starllngs - 'Six-Two, Minus One'  

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Listen now: new Starlings track officially releases on 13.09.2021

Our fifth release of 2021 is 'Six-Two, Minus One', a remix of 'Six-Two' from the forthcoming Starlings album.

Stereo Minus One, aka label founder Dan Haines, has completely dislocated this brutal Starlings track, combining its raw energy with an earlier, beatless, Cape Canaveral track, leading to unexpected and stunning results.

Featured on this week's Museum of Dust show on CAMP radio, this remix is also the opening track in the mix Dan created for Switched On! on Resonance EXTRA in July 2021. (Both shows can be found on MixCloud).

Starlings is a new project by London-based artist and producer Kevin Sorsby. Initially through Cape Canaveral, Kevin has been crafting his unique sound for over two decades, with his first releases on and involvement in the creation of Machine Records in the early 2000s.


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