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new albums by The Organizing Committee + morceaux_de_machines  

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hi! here are two new releases from no type you may be interested in:


The Organizing Committee: The Day Computers Became Obsolete (NT/NTCD 119)

Email info@notype.com for a download link

A brand new full-length from Eryk Salvaggio’s extremely fun cyber-pop project. The Organizing Committee uses machine learning tools to create pop songs, all the while subverting the dominant ideology of so-called “artificial intelligence”. The result throws us into an alternate universe where krautrock bands make music on mainframes, & French chanteuses sing about the liberation of computers. This is an endlessly replayable disc.


Morceaux_de_machines: Saison Gonzo (NT/NTCD 120)
Email info@notype.com for a download link

morceaux_de_machines are the mighty noise-improv duo of A_dontigny & Érick d’Orion, both accomplished solo artists on their own. Their latest album (Estrapade) was released in 2004 & featured collaborations with no less than Otomo Yoshihide, Diane Labrosse & Martin Tétreault. For this exciting new album, the band used & abused new gear & the ensuing ruckus is just what anybody with an ear for sonic tension could wish for. The CD also comes in a digipak with a mini-poster featuring the art of Montréal-based comic artist Al Gofa.


~ david


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