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New album out today!  

Richard Turner
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Some kind words for the album so far:

"an enjoyable record, brimming with reference points but also able to represent itself as a great album. It is well produced, finely honed and full of tasteful texture and interesting sound palates. This is good, thoughtfully created album that works on a Friday night or a Sunday morning."

Bobby Gant,

"an inventive and very relaxing will take you on a soothing and rewarding journey to the centre of your own psyche."

"great synth-pop, with lots of emphasis on the beat, mixed up with great hooks and an array of different instruments which creates a nuanced musical landscape that repays repeated listens."
Mark Ray, Louder Than War

"Reminiscent in parts of an early 80's Tomorrow's World episode about programming a BBC Acorn computer...playful and mysterious"
Robin Webb, NARC Magazine

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