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João Alegria - Vertical (2011-2021) out now  

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Combustão Lenta's home office is once again open for business, this time around with a new record by the intriguing and mysterious João Alegria.

"Vertical" is an anthological work around the admirable work by João Alegria – a guitarist almost always in the shadows, but absolutely permanent in any musical movements that have been seen in Lisbon in the past decade. This is a voyage in the dead of night, on the back of a guitar and its sonic possibilities.

Three long songs divided by as many records, purposely rethought, reordered semi-chronologically, in a logic of deep listening. Sonic ecstasy punctuated by long drones and introspective landscapes, with an intrinsic strongly earthly dimension.

Regarding this release and all that encompasses, João Alegria wrote: “Ten years of music, almost always posted online. Transformation is what occurs to me to write. Even rock is mutable. We bring our trauma and our suffering in our body. Then there’s the rest. Vertical is the ascension to heaven, and more, as I read somewhere, what cannot be said is left to silence.”
"Vertical" is out now and can be listened, purchased and downloaded in Combustão Lenta's Bandcamp:

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