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Directives 'Protenomaly' C60/booklet/video released by Aubjects

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A new multimedia work centered around a collection of abstract audio works focused on heavily manipulated guitars and field recordings by Aubjects label owner and member of Dog Hallucination and Amalgamated. The audio component of 'Protenomaly' is a collection of psychedelic electro-acoustic works assembled and programmed from misc. improvised sessions with guitars, pedals and devices, then funneled through further treatments. The result is just under 60 minutes of meticulously mixed, transportive sound-sculptures embracing trash and hi-fi audio materials alike, integrating varied atmospheres, textures and aural scenery, threaded together with various aggressively manipulated guitars.
The physical work consists of cassettes home dubbed in real time, hand-painted, artwork composed of hand-stamped / numbered upcycled antique papers of personal significance, with b/w mini-booklet inside upcycled norelco cassette cases. Aubjects seeks to reduce waste and imbue 'audio art objects' with greater value by hand / home manufacturing and utilizing previously-utilized / aged / items of personal historical significance as much as possible.
A 20+minute video work accompanies side B. This video element can be seen at: youtu.be/sYqEqN0jU10
Retrieve information / stream / download / order physical copies of Directives - Protenomaly at:

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