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Not dead yet.  

Karlo Takki
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 Karlo Takki
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Dear I ❤️ Noise,

I'm an old dog from the Boston music scene, circa 1979-1999.  Played in a bunch of bands, fronted a couple, built my own studio and recorded a bunch more, then got sucked into the big dot com vortex and was spat out into IT when the bubble burst, minus my mortal soul.  Went on a quest to get it back, released two albums (with accompanying books because logorrhea).  Currently venturing beyond the psychedelic pale into parts unknown.

I've put a bunch of stuff up on , with the CDs, Books, and Archives that go back to 1974, my larval stage.  There are recordings by bands I was in, like The Dark and Skin.

More recent works are on Soundcloud.

I'm not dead yet.  I just smell that way.




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Ilya S.
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@Karlo Takki Welcome!

Turns out there's 6 degrees of separation between us - I know Bob Familar via modular synth group he's running. 


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