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Dystopian Psychedelics from Central MA  

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Hi Folks,

I’m normally playing the bass lines from my psychedelic soundscapes on the MBTA Red Line, but because of COVID-19 and construction, I’m having to find other ways of getting heard.

I describe my sound as dystopian psychedelics, using bass guitar, effects, synth and vocoder as the driving instruments with elements of psychedelics, industrial, Krautrock, noise, space rock, and musique concrete with influences including Can, Cluster, Faust, Chrome, Earth, Suicide, Nurse with Wound, Chris Watson, and Conrad Schnitzler. 

All my music posted on Bandcamp is free with a Creative Commons license. Anyone that wants to use it is free to do so within the conditions of the license. All I ask is that you contact me beforehand.


My latest track is posted here:


My back catalog is here:



Matt Caswell
[email protected]


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