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Favorite Albums / EPs / compilations / singles of 2020? Obscurities esp.

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Ah yes - Steve reviewed Self-Surgery for us > https://ihrtn.net/review-mrs-piss-self-surgery/

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I've created an expanded list now, in alphabetic not merit order. Every one of these is an absolute gem of an album. A mix of psych, stoner, indie, americana, folk, electonic, shoegaze and prob a few other genres in between.


All Them Witches - Nothing as the Ideal
Arbouretum - Let It All In
Bdrmm - Bedroom
BC Camplight - Shortly After Takeoff
Bonny Light Horseman - Bonny Light Horseman
Car Seat Headrest - Making a Door Less Open
Deeper - Auto Pain
Disq - Collector
Death Valley Girls - Under The Spell of Joy
Frankie and the Witch Fingers - Monsters Eating People Eating Monsters
Ghostlawns - Motorik
KULK - Here Lies Kulk
The Left Outsides - Are you Sure I Was There
LA Witch - Play With Fire
The Nude Party - Midnight Manor
Rose City Band - Summerlong
STRFKR - Future Past Life
Widowspeak - Plum
Working Men's Club - Working Men's Club
Waxahatchee - Saint Cloud

Adam Horswill
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Some comps from this year....

Camp Skin Graft

A compilation from everyone's favourite noise rock label, it's mine anyway. Originally released on CD in 97... Dazzling Killmen, US Maple, Melt Banana etc etc etc 100% QUALITY



Psych Against Cancer Vol 2

The Psych Lovers FB Group put together the first Psych Against Cancer comp last year and followed it up with two more last month, Vol 2 PT 1... 86 Tracks, Vol 2 PT 2 another 82 tracks. Everything from trippy Kosmische to psych noise bangers, just a tenner each with all proceeds going to Macmillan Cancer Support @macmillancancer




Tusk Virtual & Tusk Reality

Soundtrack from the acts who played the superb Tusk Virtual Festival last month. Jim O'Rourke, Blom, Duma, Horse Lords, Lump Hammer etc.. All proceeds go to Newcastle East Foodbank, Name You Price.



Avon Terror Corps - Avon Garde

Experimental label based in Bristol peeling back the layers of the underground with DIY electronics, improvised noise, trip hop etc Tags Cybergrind, Scuzzpop, Hardcore Ambient. There are still a couple of cassettes left... Proceeds to Caring In Bristol + Base And Roses two organisations who help people in danger of homelessness. Name Your Price.



Human Worth Vol 1 & 2

Two comps charting the noisier end of UK underground guitar rock… everything here from the glacial paced excessive volume of Bismuth, the bad trip of Mummise Guns, a Paranoid cover from USA Nails to the sonic onslaught of Bruxa Maria + tons of other good shit. Essential. Proceeds to Harmless, a mental health awareness and suicide prevention charity and The Bail Project. Name Your Price, or get it free when you buy a T @ £10



Todd Gardner
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About this time a year ago I started doing the Turn Me On, Dead Man podcast on Mixcloud, focusing on recent garage/psychedelic releases . I did 20 podcasts throughout the year and last night I posted a compilation of some of my fave tracks, The Best of 2020 [ https://www.mixcloud.com/turnmeondeadman/the-best-of-2020/ ]. Here are the albums, singles and EPs I listened to the most:

Albums (in no particular order):

Herbcraft - Trash Heap
Long Slow Dissolve - Lakeside Drive
Firefriend - Fantasma
Yuri Gagarin - The Outskirts of Reality
Alien Mustangs - Beat of the Earth
Dark Fog - Escape Into The Psychedelic Landscape
Satorinaut - Exclusive All Inclusive
Helicon - This Can Only Lead To Chaos
Holy Wave - Interloper
Frozen Planet 1969 - Cold Hand of a Gambling Man
Causa Sui - Szabodelica
Mienakunaru - The Lost Bones of the Holy Butterfly
Carlton Melton - Where This Leads
Prana Crafter - MorphoMystic
Tia Carrera - Tried and True

Singles & EPs (in no particular order):

Spiral Wave Nomads - Ten Color Ritual
Kikagaku Moyo - Gypsy Davey
Comacozer - Here and Beyond split LP
Tuluum Shimmering - Eight Miles High
Melody Fields - Broken Horse EP
Strange Motel - Strange Motel EP
Communicant - She Moves The Sky
Narrowleaf - Impossible Colors
Doug Tuttle - Bruised and Bothered
Bob Dylan - Murder Most Foul

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