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Material for Review - Sep. 2020  

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boycalledcrow - Mystic Scally

Rolls of drums, concupiscent foleys and warping noise. An ugly cache siphoned from a broken computer. Buzzing and zipping chaos. This is a plunderphonic record in a loose form. In the silence breaths heaves of beauty, a wondrous crescendo of dynamics.

Vignettes fading through and away somewhere.

A subdued, brainy, degenerative IDM funfuck blasts through your speakers. Words become nothing. Everything means nothing. But it all has it's own place. Memories fluttering into the clouds, switching in faces, forms and fading away.

Silent through it all, like an old cassette tape in a Texas abode from fuck wherewithall. We are now here in peace with you. A curious gesture of passion towards an abyss of beauty.

Crashing memories with beating hearts enveloping overskies. Black as night! I love it all!

James Dillon
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 James Dillon
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This Ship Argo

The is a solo project from Aileen McKenna, a writer, producer and multi-instrumentalist vocalist from Belfast, Northern Ireland.

It weaving low tempo melodies and drones, distorted synth lines, and layers of harmony and her latest album 

Sirens​/​Home (came out 3rd June of this year) is no different.

It consists of just three tracks,  Track 1 Sirens, track 2 Home and tracks 3 Sirens​/​Home and all three are beautiful.


Plug your headphones in and drift off somewhere else...gorgeous.

P.S. Aileen asks: Please do not send any money for these tracks, but donate to the NAACP ( Legal Defense Fund and/or to the Integreated Education Fund ( for Northern Ireland instead



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