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[Sticky] Material for Review - Oct. 2021  


Ilya S.
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11/10/2021 4:26 pm  

Dan Bean - Thus // review by Chaircrusher

Hunki Dori - Reverie (Ingrown) 

Fire-Toolz - Eternal Home (Hausu Mountain) 

The Billows Burn Bright - Comprehensive List

The Home Current - Vodka Parade (Wormhole World) 

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21/10/2021 12:05 pm  

Comprehensive List by The Billows Burn Bright captures, for me, the thick, foggy enjoyment of night’s solitude, simultaneously leaving me with the impression of cool breeze blowing through my bones.  Beautifully textured from pad to affectionately placed field samples.  Some releases reflect an artist’s enjoyment in their work.  This is such an offering.  Gives listen.  I’ll be returning to this one over and again with the same anticipation I take in the coming of autumn.  Gentle and right.  Beautiful work!

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