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[Sticky] Material for Review - June 2021  

Ilya S.
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Amy Cutler - Gutter (Misophonia)

T-Tops - Staring at a Static Screen (Magnetic Eye Records)

Expo 70 - Evolution (Sonic Meditations)

Dating - I Would Prefer Not To

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Have you ever been repeatedly punched in the head? It can cause some serious damage.  The latest release from T-TOPS, Staring At A Static Screen, has a very similar effect, but in this case, it’s much less painful, and to be honest, very enjoyable. Lots of different sounds pooled together here, hard rock, thrash mixed with the brashness of noise rock and blended in with a bit of heavy metal and doom, all flying under the banner of a heavy punk rock sound. It comes at you and grabs ahold and does not let up, each song is quick burst of sound and fury and it’s one hell of a ride! Go now and get your ears on this, you won’t regret it!

andrew anderson
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 andrew anderson
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I was following Expo 70 way back in the day when he was sitting in a dark room and slinging out spacy slow ambient signals into the depths of the cosmos. I sort of lost touch with his releases for a variety of life's reasons but was happy to see this new release, Evolution pop up in my feed. And an evolution it certainly is. This is a full band, doomy, sun bleached intense ride into new plateaus I was not expecting from Justin Wright. Driving drums, spacy horns, some fully formed riffs. Go clean your head out with this. 

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Dating - I Would Prefer Not To

My friend and I stumbled upon this Swedish band's 2013 album around that time, merely by checking Bandcamp to see whether the band name Dating had been taken yet. We quickly fell head over heels with that one. Now, after 8 years of silence, they've released a new album. Although if the credits are any indication, they seem to have gone from a quartet down to a solo project of Kalle Lennblad. What happened to the other members? It's a mystery! This album is every bit as good as the previous one, in any case. They/he are generally in the shoegaze/emo(ish)/post-rock(ish) spectrum, although it's often hard to pin down which of those they are in any given moment. True to the album name, Kalle seems notably more bummed out than before, which I suppose is fitting given the bummer state of the world at the moment. Dating are/is equally invested in pushing amplifier air at massive levels and exploring tone, texture, and ragged ambience. Beautifully depressive, anthemic stuff, with production that's somehow both cavernous (inward-directed) and expansive (outward-directed). An excellent soundtrack to another pandemic year.

Recommended track: "Skin Wish"


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