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[Sticky] Material for Review - Apr. 2021

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Ilya S.
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David Breather - THIS

Tapes and Tubes - Songbook (TQN-aut) 

Bill Mackay / Nathan Bowles - Keys (Drag City)

Ulrich Schnauss & Jonas Munk - Eight Fragments Of An Illusion (Azure Vista Records) (h/t Ben (Solilians))

Gazelle Twin / NYX – Deep England (h/t Alex assassinofsound)

Larry Wish - Stardust & Hurt (Bumpy)

Rob Noyes and Joseph Allred - Avoidance Language (Feeding Tube)

Arc of the Hunter - Moonbows (Monolithos)

Rob Frye - Exoplanet (Astral Spirits)

Mogwai - As the Love Continues (Rock Action)

POLA - Opaque (Soundtracking the Void)

BIG|BRAVE - Vital (Southern Lord) (h/t Chris Spalton)


Doom Trip Mix Vol. 5 - review via Jeff Bartell

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Jeff Bartell
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 Jeff Bartell
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I put this compilation on and it felt like I fell face forward into goopy, glowing electricity. As a long time fan of vaporwave and adjacent sonics this release fires on all cylinders for me. Every track offers something different from the more straightforward polished hold-music aura of Eyeliner - "Pictures" to the post-genre, glitchy assault of Giant Claw - "Gummy Scrub"—its all there. This will be on repeat for some tim.

james Dillon
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 james Dillon
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Bill Mackay / Nathan Bowles - Keys

Two artists who's music i have loved the last few years and who ignored the advice of never crossing the streams have come together to make this album.

Bill has worked with Ryley Walker, Rob Frye(new album out this month), Matt Lux. While Nathan is in Black Twig Pickers plus worked with the late Jack Rose, Steve Gunn, Jake Xerxes Fussell, Black Dirt Oak, Rosali to name a few.

For this album, the duo have moved in the direction of bluegrass, folk and roots sounds and what a gorgeous album it is.

The new single Dowsing is a gorgeous track which i listened to while looking out of my front window watching the sun go down. 

I listened to an interview with them and it's sounds like there was room for improvisation during recording and it sounds all the better for it.

I love, love love this record, perfect record for early spring(or anytime of course).

Bill Mackay / Nathan Bowles - Keys was released 9th April via Drag City.



p.s. Rob Frye - Exoplanet is released 23rd April - https://astralexoplanet.bandcamp.com/album/exoplanet

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Surprised no one got to the Mogwai record - possibly the best thing they've done since Rock Action. That might be damning with faint praise or holding in the highest regard depending on your opinion. 

That said, only 4 of these tracks are worth keeping on rotation. Ritchie Sacramento and Ceiling Granny are worth almost everyone's time, while Drive The Nail and Supposedly We Were nightmares can be filed under 'pretty good.'

Mogwai have managed an above-average record for the first time in about 15 years. Give it a spin and conclude that you'll only need those 4 songs in your life. Ceiling Granny is essential if you can only be arsed with one son.


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