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Bandcamp Friday - Mar. 2021  

Ilya S.
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What do you got to recommend?

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Adam Horswill
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Here you go shoppers...


Pardoner - Uncontrollable Salvation @father_daughter

Most played purchase this month and by some margin, guitars are all over this release with noise + melody in equal measure, only 5 copies of the vinyl left (I’d have had one if it wasn’t for the ridiculous postal charges to the UK, DL only $3.


Mainliner - Dual Myths @riotseasonrecs

No one does psych guitar attack quite like Mainliner. Gorgeous double vinyl (silver and black), one long track per side. Excessive + Monumental in every way. 


Body Void - Bury Me Beneath This Rotting Earth @bodyvoid

They’ve had me sold on their sound for about a year now, possibly the doomiest sludge you’ll ever hear.


Yo No Se - Terraform

The pre order track sounds grunge AF, 100% confident this will hit the spot when we get the full album.


Part Chimp - Drool (Wrong Speed Records)

Chimps are back, again only one pre order track but it’s the Chimps so… it obviously sounds epic.


MacZde Carpate - Tue​-​tête

I know nothing about these other than they’re French, they make a very arty noisy racket which I dig and they’ve been around since the mid 90’s (although I only heard about them the other week). 


Machine Woman - When Lobster Comes Home @mmachinewwoman

Beats beats beats and more machine beats. Engaging + pretty sparse techno from a couple of years back.


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We would be so honored if you could check out our lastest single, "I Don't Care" coming out Friday. It not only shows our range but also our passion.

Thank you,


Nicholas Burgess
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 Nicholas Burgess
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I don't think I've actually mentioned this one here yet, but I'm gonna put my last solo album ELECTRIC BRAIN ELECTRIC SILENCE on sale for bandcamp friday for $6:


Ian Cat
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 Ian Cat
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I'm gonna start with the obligatory self-promo to get that out of the way, and all my stuff is name-your-price:  (RIYL: shoegaze, prog, space folk, guitar solos, wall of sound) -- super tuneful power-pop/punk -- zany ADHD theatre rock for restless minds -- weird and fun electronic stuff -- Canadian alt-country songstress with wintry vibes -- lo-fi beats with occasional dreamy/trippy vocals -- vaporwave/lo-fi beats from Hot 'Lanta -- Salieri Records' recent DIY ambient/vaporwave compilation -- essential proto-post-rock, gripping post-punk waaaayyyy ahead of its time


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