Big Ears 2019 Recap: Ian Chang
Big Ears 2019 Recap: Ian Chang

Big Ears 2019 Recap: Ian Chang

Using his drums to trigger and manipulate samples, Chang builds big beats laced with florid melodies in real time, interconnecting the role of producer, DJ, and drummer with only his kit and computer. On his magnetic debut EP, 2017’s Spiritual Leader, the improvised songs are kinetic and considered, punching you in the chest as they compel you to ponder the drum’s digital past and future. Live, Chang links the drums to bright lights that surround him, creating a fully immersive experience for eyes, ears, and body alike.

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Ian Chang is a new name to us, but we were so impressed by the video of his we saw prior to heading to Big Ears that we thought his show would be absolutely worth seeing. And sure enough – he managed to get out some incredible sounds out of a super minimal set up of drumkit and laptop, no small feat by any means (its worth mentioning that visuals were also an important of the show).

In addition to being a solo artist Ian also plays in Body Language and Son Lux. Check out his debut solo EP Spiritual Leader.


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