I Heart Noise


Rick Skyjelly


Boston’s Skyjelly are a band who appreciate how a bit of lo-fi entropy fits into their songs. This release assembles an EP and album by the band onto a translucent blue cassette, and opening track ‘Sixes’ is a pretty instant winner of multilayered psychedelia. Looped claps, drums, and shakers craft a fiery groove and rugged guitars interleave slyly. Echoed and barely intelligible vocals latch around the repetition for a while, then at three minutes a searing guitar solo melts your face right off. Think a Butthole Surfers’ wig out executed with William Onyeabor’s lo-fi funk aesthetic.” – The Quietus / Spool’s Out

Releases on IHN

We Pull the Stars Over Our Heads Like Covers

In the Running 1 (Split w/Solilians)

Releases on Other Labels

Blank Panthers / Priest, Expert, or Wizard (Doom Trip Records)

Góst Rock ‎(Eggs in Aspic, 2017)

Black Powder Sunrise Girl ‎‎(Eggs in Aspic, 2018)