Dispatches from the Underground // Dec. 2023, Pt. 2
Dispatches from the Underground // Dec. 2023, Pt. 2

Dispatches from the Underground // Dec. 2023, Pt. 2

New Music

Chrome – Blue Exposure / Helios Creed is back with a new Chrome album, though this release from Cleopatra is not his preferred mix. With Mel Collins on “Repo Man”! – Bill Barnett

Greg Foat & Ayo Salawu – Intersteller Fantasy (Sonoton) /  On the record player this evening, a fantastic electronic contemporary jazz album ‘Interstellar Fantasy’, newly released by Greg Foat and Ayo Salawu’ on Blue Crystal Records. With a firm kiss to library LPs of the early to mid 80s, I highly recommendThe Vinyl Constituency

J.M. Hart – Zones Below“Zones Below” features songs from the album “So Below” remixed by some of J.M. Hart’s friends: James Toth (James & The Giants, Wooden Wand, One Eleven Heavy), J. Moss (Modern Folk Trio Band), Ben Taylor (JC Brooks & Uptown Sound, Beat Down Sound), Brian Mosley (Electric Catnip), Doug Kaplan (Mr. Doug Doug), & Francis Thornton II (Without Mirrors, Programmed Cell Death)

VA – Our Trip Is Short Vol. 7 (Your Trip is Short) – free download!

Listening Recommendations

Califone – Villagers (Deluxe Digital Edition) / There are references to Blood Meridian, Roxy Music, and McCabe & Mrs. Miller throughout @califonemusic‘s album Villagers. If Elliott Gould had been mentioned, it would’ve confirmed that the album was specifically made for me.- Recliner Notes

John Barnes – Slims (Machine Records) / In May we added the final track to a John Barnes trilogy, ghostly and beautiful, and surprisingly up-tempo, connected by Berlin-made field recordings of the early morning U-Bahn and the overgrown disused Spreepark fairground


Thread of 2023 releases by Allister Thompson (aka The Gateless Gate)


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