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Music Blogs


6forty project
1000 Times Jeff
A Closer Listen
A Little Bit of Sol
A Motley Miscellany
A Pessimist Is Never Disappointed
Adam’s World
Albert E. Trapezoid
Ambiance Glitters
American Dreams & American Damage
Andrulian’s Blog
An Earful
Anhedonic Headphones
Anti-Gravity Bunny
Aquarium Drunkard
Aural Aggravation
Auxiliary Out
Avant Music News
The Moderns
Backseat Mafia
Bagging Area
Balloon Machine
Ball of Wax
Bearded Gentleman Music
Beat Radio
Beats Per Minute
Buffalo Tones
Choir Croaks Out Them Goodies
Clean Nice Quiet
Critical Masses
Cows Are Just Food
CT Verses
Detroit Lightning
Diamond Deposits
The Devil Has the Best Tuna
Disposable Underground
Doom and Gloom from the Tomb
Dying 4 Bad Music
Ear Influxion
Ears For Eyes
Ears to Feed
Eternity Tree
Extraordinary Nobodies
Faster and Louder
For All and None
For the Rabbits
Foxy Digitalis
Fractured Air
Freer Sounds
From Here Till Now
Fuzzy Sun
Glorious Noise
God is in the TV
Growls and Shrieks
Headphone Commute
Heartbreaking Bravery
Hightower and Jones
Humanizing the Vacuum
I Thought I Heard a Sound
In the Mind of a Bordello
Lend Me Your Ears
Letters From a Tapehead
Lost Bones and Dreams of the Ghost Age
Lost in a Sea of Sound
Merchants of Air
Microphones in the Trees
Monolith Cocktail
New Weird Australia
No More Workhorse
Obscure Sound
One Base on an Overthrow
One Chord to Another
On the Fringes of Sound
Optimistic Underground
Outlaws of the Sun
Overblown Zine
Picky Bastards
Raised by Gypsies
Raven Sings the Blues
Rebjukebox 2015
Records I Like
Robot’s Reviews
Set the Tape
Shiny Grey Monotone
Siblingshot on the Bleachers
Silent Words Speak Loudest
Since I Left You
Sloucher Zine
Smashin’ Transistors
Styrofoam Drone
Super Super Sounds
Swan Fungus
Sweet Blahg
The Ash Gray Proclamation
The Joy of Violent Movement
The Modern Folk Music of America
The Music Mermaid
The Reptile Shrine
The Resident Sound
The Sound of Fighting Dogs
The Sunday Experience
Tome to The Weather Machine
Tone Bursting
Tone Glow
Tuned Up
Turn Up the Volume
Warm Visions
Warped Sounds
When the Sun Hits
We Need No Swords
Vinyl Destination
Vy Likes Things