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Check out Wormhole World July 2021 Bundle – featuring Moray Newlands, Freaks of Nosmo 9, Warped Freqs and our very own William Carlos Whitten aka Bill Whitten!

Listen to/watch the video for I’m In Between Two Worlds by King Champion Sounds – featuring Gerry Love (ex-Teenage Fanclub) (h/t HiveMarc)

Listen to My Dear Friend by Alice Hubble – first single off of Hexentanzplatz LP, coming in September via Happy Robots Records (h/t FRBH Recordings)

Five music things from Organ ‘Zine! – including our favorites Polyhymns

Five Things For the Rabbits Liked This Week

Two side-long sonic jigsaws of mind-frazzle and harmonizer abuse from Polypores – out now on Frequency Domain (h/t Capac)

Some fish and their musical tastes – an Aquarium thread

Out today – Spool by A Journey of Giraffes > another incredible ambient soundtrack experience; amorphously imbued as it is by the late WG Sebald (Monolith Cocktail)

New Music Friday from Norman Records > feat. Damon Locke, Body Void, Unsane, The Goon Sax, Solstice ’21 compilation (Subexotic Records) and more

Release #22 on See Blue Audio – Planar EP by Rhombus Index > four tracks of beatless soundscapes, synth melodies and a Balearic sensibility (h/t Steve Hadfield)

Last 15 copies of Leaving In Storms​/​Coordinates 7″ by Field Lines Cartographer left in Castles in Space vaults > Comes complete with inserts, stickers and badge in a beachcombed plastic bag. Last call for the final adventure in The Spectral Isle universe … new shores beckon soon …

More items slowly running out of copies…Cacilia by Adam Majdecki-Janicki (on Anticipating Nowhere) and Locrian remix series Vol. 2 featuring Crowhurst (on Anathemata Editions)

ABEL SYNTHESIZED / AC:R 07.08.21 – new episode of Sunrise Ocean Bender podcast. Featuring Front & Follow, Rocket Recordings, Woodford Halse, The Home Current, Alessandro Cortini and more.

Review of new Howard Hughes Suite / Geir Sundstol collab via Tome to the Weather Machine > Fans of Chuck Johnson and Lake Mary should definitely take note.

Review of Imperium Droop, a collaboration between Jan St. Wener (Mouse on Mars) and Kid Millions (Oneida) via Foxy Digitalis > at times perplexing, but in the best possible, most rewarding way. Plus “Imperium Droop” is fun to say.

New single from interestingly named Savage Young Taterbug reviewed by Raven Sings the Blues > Taterbug is Charles Free, “singin son of the earth,” as well as a “brotherless child.” He sings and manipulates tapes that he’s recorded, and some he’s found, “sometimes scotchtape vocal dubs for that boy choir vibe.” (out on Lighten Up Sounds)

Speaking of interesting…highly peculiar even > Brian is a human-sized teddy bear with a big heart. He likes watching TV, keeping warm, and hibernating. He’s very good at listening but doesn’t say much. Sometimes, he’ll say the most profound things but people miss them because he has a very quiet bear voice. – new single by Brian is out on Time for Art Records (h/t PJ Sykes)

Happy pre-order Friday from Exploding in Sound – new Smile Machine and new Pile

Last but not least…fundraiser by Disco Sam, so he could leave NJ forever and possibly move to Boston…donate to help him build the studio/stay afloat.

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