Write Up – Sarah Moylan on Dreamcrusher
Write Up – Sarah Moylan on Dreamcrusher

Write Up – Sarah Moylan on Dreamcrusher

Dreamcrusher 2

Only 15 hours left to purchase your tickets to Boston Hassle Fest 7 – a chance to see David Yow, Flipper, Obnox, Screaming Females, Dent, Pile and many other great bands and performers.
In the meantime, here’s Sarah Moylan reflecting on Dreamcrusher’s Adore:

Defining music as “noise” is as absurd as describing a square as a “shape”. Of course it’s a shape — it’s a square! Of course it’s noise — it’s music…right?
Perhaps that’s why noise seems to be the catch-all classification for any music that doesn’t quite neatly fit into any other genre, or in some cases, combines elements of noise, like static and bleeps and bloops, with pieces of more universally digestible genres — like pop.
Dreamcrusher‘s “Adore” fits the latter description to a T. It’s a moody pop song, or maybe even one of those inexplicably creepy jingles you’d hear at a midsummer carnival, in shadows behind a thick curtain.

Read Sarah’s entire piece on Adore via Boston Hassle website.
Dreamcrusher is playing Brighton Music Hall on Friday, Nov. 6 along with Cloud Becomes Your Hand, Dent, Screaming Females, Mini Dresses and many more!


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