Winter Comp 2019: Bios + Bonus Tracks / Videos!
Winter Comp 2019: Bios + Bonus Tracks / Videos!

Winter Comp 2019: Bios + Bonus Tracks / Videos!

Taking one more look at our new Winter Comp! We’re talking bonus tracks (that you’ll get along with the download – its pay what you want) and videos for songs off the comp – oh my!

Up first – a recap of bios for all the artists that contributed to the winter sampler:
Pt. 1 – How I Became Invisible, RKay, Ethelscull, Jonathan Hall, Sodor Iscariot, Cryostasium, Daniel Ruiz, Collection of Dead Souls, Day Gold, Sad Man, Church of Hed, Eraserhead Fuckers, Hattie Cooke, Yes Selma, Chromotrope
Pt. 2 – Thaniel Ion Lee, Tender Mercy, Death Hags, Bleepeater, Greyscape, Orchid Domain, Hey Exit, William Carlos Whitten, Interbella, Solarein, Astral Swans, James Britt, Computer, Kizunaut, Spartan Jet-Plex, Sinkcharmer, Revenge Technician, United Hemispheres, Thorn1, C. Moody Crews, Acef Stripe, Mayat, Dr. Wolfbear, Wizard Tells Lies, Lilia Mercedes, Anonymous

Bonus Tracks

Cryostasium – Evening Star
Astral Swans – Strange Prison (produced by Scott Munro of Preoccupations)
Computer – Landing
Jonathan Hall – City Beneath Your Feet
Vru Patel – Rabbit in Your Headlights
Yes Selma – I Get Stoned
CTM – The Monster Box
TAB IN TAB OUT – Avalanche Noise Wall


Spartan Jet-Plex – Stop (album version)
Astral Swans – Controls / Strange Prison
Erasurehead Fuckers – Last Xmas

And last, but not least – a collection of wintry photos sent by Nick (How I Became Invisible), Ian (Chromotrope), Amelia (Ethelscull), Andrew (Sad Man) and Vru (Solarein)!


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