Why YACHT's Stunt May Be Misguided But Isn't Altogether Stupid‏
Why YACHT's Stunt May Be Misguided But Isn't Altogether Stupid‏

Why YACHT's Stunt May Be Misguided But Isn't Altogether Stupid‏

I don’t know whether it is late for me to talk about what happened with YACHT, but from the collection of zingers I have gathered upon my Twitter feed lets me know people were not looking at YACHT’s stunt with positivity. Not with a straight face anyway.
For those who have been under a rock, YACHT’s latest stunt to promote a song from their album was to say that someone has swiped a sextape of theirs, and since it is out in the open anyway, they were looking to charge a cool 5 bones for it. People surprisingly were very kind and sympathetic to this stunt, and were probably one of those who were livid to hear it was all a hoax.
My point of view is this: the stunt didn’t exactly shock me, as I figured it was a part of their concepts to promote their album, I Thought The Future Would Be Cooler. From what I gathered from their Buzzfeed blog, the concept of the album is looking at the fact that, compared to years ago, we are IN the future and things haven’t turned out as progressively as we had planned. Things from privacy to identity in the technological age to respect for women to sex has been touched upon to say that the future as we know it now has reached a reached a surprising low since when we were kids imagining flying cars, food as pills and aluminum buildings.
My guess was that the hoax was made to talk about “I Want To Fuck You Til I’m Dead”. Now, I haven’t heard the song, but it and the hoax makes me think that people are really obsessed with not only sex, but taking out the romance and the emotional connection from it. Some even say taking what “morality” is left from sex. Sex has become either a way to express our deepest id or an addiction, and the hoax is probably best explained by Seth Rogen in Zack and Miri Make a Porno: everybody wants to see everyone fuck. Paris Hilton had a leaked sex tape, Kim Kardashian, Chyna of WWE, the Herschelwood Bussdown…okay bad example. The point is that the idea of a leaked sextape interests everyone who wishes to see someone fuck on camera and talk about after via water cooler in the morning. Hell, even leaked nudes from celebrities catch people’s attention once in a while. So, the hoax was supposed to be a social experiment of sorts.
The problem I found with it are that while YACHT isn’t an unknown band, they aren’t Chyna or Kim Kardashian big enough for people to give a damn what they look like having sex. Even if the truth is the video was merely a music video for the song. So, when people get mad that it is a hoax…it is a little understandable. YACHT may not have the kind of fans that will reduce them to someone merely fuckable. They may actually have listeners who are more respectful of them than they think (which is a relief). And so, the outliers involved prove that while YACHT’s hoax was well-meaning if you consider the concept, it was also merely misguided. Perhaps, even costly. I say this because they are on a label that operates like a major label, and after this, the question is in the air for what else they have left to their arsenal and what the label might do if they step in to clear the situation.
Perhaps, it’s best that we don’t tackle that question right now.


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