Watch: Xqui – Epiphany
Watch: Xqui – Epiphany

Watch: Xqui – Epiphany

Xqui - Epiphany
While work of British musician Xqui may sound nothing like MIA, listening to his new single “Epiphany” one can’t help but notice some parallels (whether intentional or not) to “Paper Planes”, the sound FX heavy/Clash-sampling hit from 2000s. The focal point, in case of Xqui’s piece, is what sounds like a tiny looped sample of tribal percussion – a stomping, heavy beat that at times resembles the sound of gunfire. There’s also a heavy reliance on vocal/choir samples.
The video for “Epiphany” consists of all kinds of disparate elements being brought together – found footage, drawings etc. etc. The footage may appear inconsequential, but somehow towards the end of the track audio and video blend to form fascinating rhythmical pattern. None of it may have any particular meaning to it, but it sure makes for one unique watching/listening experience.
The single itself can be found on upcoming Capitulate LP, coming in January 2019 via Wales imprint Wormhole World. Epiphany is also featured on A Picture of Good Health sampler alongside tracks from Alan Morse Davies, Chow Mwng, Tremolo Ghosts and others.


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