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What Cheer? Brigade

What Cheer? Brigade is a brass band with approximately 18 active members from Providence, Rhode Island, United States. They perform using exclusively brass instruments, saxophones, and drums in a variety of world styles, such as Indian Bollywood music, Balkan brass, klezmer, as well as American styles such as hip hop, rock, and New Orleans second line music.

Olden Yolk

Olden Yolk is a New York-based group whose penchant for dystopian folk, abstract poeticism, and motorik rhythms have enveloped them in a sound uniquely of-the-moment yet simultaneously time-tested. The project is led by songwriters, vocalists, and multi-instrumentalists Shane Butler and Caity Shaffer, whose interlaced vocals are found guiding each composition on their enlivening self-titled debut. The project was initially conceived in 2012 by Butler as an outlet for one-off songs and visual art while touring and releasing albums with the band Quilt (Mexican Summer). Following the release of a split-record with Weyes Blood in 2014, Olden Yolk became a collaborative entity.

Mr. Airplane Man

Mr. Airplane Man is Margaret on guitar and Tara on drums. We are a mishmash of deep love for Mississppi hill country blues, Memphis weirdo rocknroll, drony VU and Stooges, and Boston (our hometown) garage beat and pop wonderment.

Really From fka People Like You

Indie/Jazz outfit based in Boston.

Anna Fox Rochinski of Quilt


Oompa is a nationally-renowned, Boston-born, poet, educator, and lyricist who is forever representing the queer, black, orphaned, hood kids an’ nem. 


Mariam Saleh began performing under the heady moniker of BONG WISH in the Massachusetts of yesteryear. Drawing from British folk, Ween, and fantasy, Bong Wish skews to the far out lyrically, encouraging universal love and inner peace. The debut EP presents a patchouli-scented fantasia of pure, unsolicited rage. Mostly home-recorded, the eponymous EP sees Mariam and her mystical cohorts explore different moods, styles and vibes across four tracks, ranging from lush string arrangements and exotic flutes to shimmering guitars and earthy percussion.

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Carinae is an unstable star in the constellation that is the Western Massachusetts music scene. Three part vocal harmonies orbit around patchwork guitar and keyboard textures laced with driving rhythms. Lyrics that bring you home and stretch you out. Star gazing in an open field. 

Lady Pills

Formed in October 2015 while attending Berklee College of Music, Lady Pills have a singular yet multi-faceted voice. Informed by their time in the Boston DIY community, Lady Pills’ unique perspective on the scene, social responsibility and life in the 21st century is felt in their music and at their shows.
Babe City Records

Edge Petal Burn

You can’t erase every trace of a scar, but you can reclaim it as it fades. The pattern becomes a familiar shadow, a blotch-like line from a damaging event that softens over time, a battle wound to remind you that you survived. The scar is semi-permanent, emphasis on the semi. And sometimes, if you have the energy, that scar can be the motivation you needed to prevent other scars from forming in the future. That’s a process that’s becoming increasingly familiar for Olivia West, the vocalist and primary songwriter of local act Edge Petal Burn.
On the band’s long-awaited debut LP, Glass Cannon, she confronts multiple traumatic events from her past with unflinching confidence, the type of delivery that uses stoic lyrics to straighten her posture. Along with guitarists Lea Jaffe and Huxley Rittman, bassist Nicholas Owen, and drummer Jeff Crenshaw, she’s able to use Edge Petal Burn as a powerful outlet to overcome personal and communal struggles.

Love Strangers


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