Watch: Josh Knowles – Great Blue World
Watch: Josh Knowles – Great Blue World

Watch: Josh Knowles – Great Blue World

There are points in the night when you’re walking around and you feel the sudden urge to do something unnatural. Not to say that it feels unnatural; quite possibly something that feels organic and second only to breathing. Within the organic and natural motion creates a certain apprehension among passing observers. This is what makes it unnatural. Your personal comforts will more often than not create discomfort among strangers. How you experience that is up to you, from either side.
Recently I was sent the promotional video for Great Blue World by Josh Knowles (off of his first solo album Spin Without a Sound) and I’m glad to know it. It’s a nocturnal tune musically and visually it moves as fluid energy on a quiet street. The amount of motion and geometry presented to the stillness of anticipation has Mr. Knowles spinning his sounds out. Spinning in such a way creates stillness around the motion and allows the viewer to become lost in the dance.
The minimalistic pairing between the dancing and the song brings a melancholy joy somewhere between elation and perdition. There is happiness so selfless that one can immediately throw themselves in harm’s way in order to achieve it. Mr. Knowles can see it, but he himself may not fully understand it. That’s preferred. Maybe no one should.


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