Watch: IHN Fest 7/1
Watch: IHN Fest 7/1

Watch: IHN Fest 7/1

We’re back with another edition of our online fest…pardon me, IHN Fest! This one is a bit different from 5/1 and 6/1 since large chunk of the videos you’ll see / songs you’ll hear comes from the vaults of our namesake label

Featured within are also numerous premieres as well as one amazing cover. Towering above it all is the spirit of Brian Eno, that renaissance man whom we’ve been ripping off mercilessly for years. Read on….

And lest we forget…there are still some copies of Skyjelly/Solilians split left, so give it a listen, pick one of those up and/or help spread the word!

Petridisch – The Unknown Rabbit

Taken from Fixed Point EP / IHN001

A great edge of tension to the song from drone bass, synth and swirling pad which has vocal qualities. The drumming pattern gives a momentum leading into an organ riff which adds a great tension with vocal background sounds. – The Andrulian Blog

Petridisch – 07 (aka Laurelia Jones) 

Taken from 358 DVD / IHN002 (co-release with Illuminated Paths) 

Thus, the fascination certain artists have with recapturing that mid-20th century enthusiasm for futurism.

Boston’s Thor Maillet is among them. His solo project Petridisch sounds like a 1950-something matinee double-feature. Leaning heavily on darkwave electronics, guitar reverb and vocaloid, Maillet produces absorbing music that is both nostalgic and progressive. – Kevin Press / The Moderns

Turkish Delight – Grammy

Taken from Tommy Bell / IHN003 (also available on The Reckless Yes anthology

Grammy by Boston-based, indie rock experimentalists Turkish Delight is three minutes of soaring melodies, jittery drums and overdriven drama. It’s the first track from their 1996 debut album Tommy Bell; a highly original LP which combines the commitment to authenticity of the post-punk era with the power and attitude of grunge. – Noisecrumbs / 50thirdand3rd

Rock music with oddly-tuned guitars, varied rhythms, clouds of dissonance, and bursts of energy wasn’t too hard to come by in the 1990s. But not everyone who practiced this DIY form got out of the decade alive: for every Sonic Youth there was a Dustdevils, and for every Polvo there was an Erectus Monotone. Boston band Turkish Delight were a casualty of the slacker decade too, but their music deserved to survive longer, and this reissue of their 1996 album Tommy Bell shows why. – Marc Masters / Bandcamp Daily

Turkish Delight – Go Baby

Taken from Howcha Magowcha / IHN005 (also available on The Reckless Yes anthology)

The missing link between Sonic Youth and Belly – The Devil Has The Best Tuna

See also – Gull Boy, Darryl Blood, Betwixt

Follow Turkish Delight on Facebook and Twitter 

Tofurkey – Smooth Karate / Go Baby

May 13, 2016. Backspace, Fayetteville, Arkansas. Turkish Delight tribute act, a one night only performance at the Fayetteville Art Prom.

see also – Ronald Daniel Mauzy

William Carlos Whitten – Burn My Letters

William Carlos Whitten – In My Borsalino, Pointing a Revolver

Both taken from Burn My Letters / IHN004 

Real talk: If you were to peruse my cassette collection circa 1996, you’d perhaps catch a glimpse of St. Johnny’s “Speed Is Dreaming” somewhere in the middle of the pile. I say “middle” because it didn’t reach the top all that often. See, I was a young rogue then, and the ladies mostly dug all those Pixies tapes I had (they really didn’t get Pavement or GBV either, for some reason), and none were particularly enamored at my “sorta Sonic Youth-y but not!” platitudes I lobbed at Bill Whitten and his band of NYC rascals. But it was their loss, and everyone else’s loss, because St. Johnny got the major shaft in the end, ceasing to exist and becoming Grand Mal, among other things (And by the “major shaft,” I mean the “major label shaft” – St. Johnny were DGC castoffs in the era of the great post-Nirvana cash grab. I paid almost twenty dollars for a CD at the Wall sometimes back then. What was I thinking.)

But something happened between 1996 and now. (Besides 9/11 of course.) Bill “William Carlos” Whitten, against all odds, with his back against the wall, a true underdog in every respect, kept the dream alive, and here we are with “Burn My Letters,” a throwback, a progression, a snapshot of what Whitten’s got up his sleeve. More intimate than theatrically guitar-y, and, well, duh, Whitten’s older than even ME, so there’s a well-worn, lived-in quality to these tunes that I can totally relate to as an ex-indie rocker who used to practice guitar by adjusting feedback on my amp for hours at a time. – Ryan Masteller / Tabs Out

Skyjelly – White Wolves 

Taken from We Pull the Stars Over Our Heads Like Covers / IHN005 

Side A opens with the spastic style of The Velvet Underground, the melodic immediacy of Quickspace, and the lofi production of The Microphones. You’ll be instantly hooked. –

Skyjelly – Tea, the Drink 

Taken from Skyjelly & SUNS (Self Released) 

See also – Wolfbear

Solilians – Hatikvah: The Next Generation 

Taken from Shin (Goodbye Better Records) 

In his issue 55 review of Revolution, our Jack Rabid opined, “This sounds like what people will listen to if Blade Runner is our future.”) Solilians were birthed by a 2013 7” soundtrack that keyboardist Benjamin Malkin wrote for illustrator Ian Densford’s “super-powers tale sans violence” The Binah Comics, and originally included Soundpool and The Stargazer Lilies frontman John Ceparano (AKA J. Cep), who contributes bowed guitar to two tracks on Shin. – The Big Takeover

See also – The Earthly Frames, Electric Djinn

Video/Song Premieres

Wolfbear – I Think I Will Close My Eyes and Dream

New track from Dave Wolfbear (Skyjelly / Tiki Twins) featuring Rick “Skyjelly” Jones on guitar/vocals. Instrumentation and mixing by Bob Wolfbear.  

James Britt – Seen 

I’m an artist, writer, musician, and technologist living in Scottsdale, Arizona.

I operate Neurogami, an art+music+technology spectre.

Solilians – Gowron Breaths 

Another one off of recent Skyjelly split we put out!

Dark psychedelia in the vein of Cocteau Twins. 

Mzungu – November (Excerpt) 

ambienty, dubby nonsense for the masses
sine-smithing, beat-mongering
folky, droney goodness


Guiding Light – The Future

Mind-blowing Leonard Cohen cover recorded by Chuck Davis and Retsoor (ex-Mercury Rev / Hopewell) aka Guiding Light.  Both Chuck and Retsoor are also in Pete Intl Airport, project of Pete Holmstrom from Dandy Warhols. 

This is one of the two singles off of an upcoming album (the other being an original entitled Into the Arms of Nothing). There’s also Guide the Lightning – GL’s debut that came out on Eggs in Aspic / Bleeding Gold in 2017 and, according to liner notes, features members of

The Dandy Warhols, Mercury Rev, The Warlocks, My Jerusalem, Hopewell, Lita Ford, Michael Bolton, Donnie James Rio, and more.

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