Watch: IHN Fest – 6/1
Watch: IHN Fest – 6/1

Watch: IHN Fest – 6/1

Just because there’s a lockdown doesn’t mean music have to stop. So to anyone that missed it, we’re offering a replay of our recent online festival – a sequel to our Mayfest!

What you’ll find within is an hour plus long visual extravaganza combining animation and music from artists out of US, Argentina and Japan. While you’re watching don’t forget to subscribe to our channel and/or check out  Skyjelly/Solilians split that we just put out!

Participants / Bios

Skyjelly – Khalid

Boston’s Skyjelly are a band who appreciate how a bit of lo-fi entropy fits into their songs. Echoed and barely intelligible vocals latch around the repetition for a while, then at three minutes a searing guitar solo melts your face right off. Think a Butthole Surfers’ wig out executed with William Onyeabor’s lo-fi funk aesthetic. – Tristan Bath / Quietus

Follow Skyjelly on Bandcamp / Facebook / Instagram / Twitter

Find Skyjelly releases on Doom Trip Records and Eggs in Aspic

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Wolfbear – Untitled

Solo project of Dave from Skyjelly / Tiki Twins.

Follow Dave on Twitter

DCKM – Transmissions

Instrumental tracks combine acoustic guitar sounds with digitized and electronic elements in a sincere effort to address the future potential of beings on planet Earth.

David Criner, guitar & arrangement
Kirk Markarian, electronics & arrangement

Neuro…No Neuro – Getting All Wound Up

Neuro… No Neuro (NNN) is a moniker of the electronic musician Kirk Markarian, an avid synthesist, drummer, abstract painter, and graphic designer residing on the alluvial plain of the Sonoran Desert, in dry and dusty Tucson, Arizona.

For fans of early Mille Plateaux (Oval, Alva Noto et al), NNN will appeal to those attune with minimal glitch shapes and structures that all seem to meld as a cohesive whole. – Igloo Magazine

Read our interview with Kirk.

Forbidden Planet – Touch of Evil

Track one on the 2007 Forbidden Planet album Action/Suspense. Written be David Criner, Michael Fatall, Steven Tester. Video by Margie Criner and David Criner.

Billordo – Worale Guay Bakan Cool GrosoI Didn’t Mean To Lie

from Argentina anti folk , indie lo fi, punk folk para el mundo

Violet Nox – Selene

Violet Nox is a Boston based, experimental-electronic, ambient, sonic noise project with spacey textural walls of sound, using synths, guitar, effect pedals, turntables, vocals, drum machines and beats. Dez DeCarlo, Andrew Abrahamson, Alexis DesJardins, Fen Rotstein, Karen Zanes, Noell Dorsey.

Video by Chris Konopka 

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The Sun Beats Down – Day One

There are artists that are so idiosyncratic they start to create their own genre, artists like Graham Parker, Gary Numan, Thomas Dolby, Marshall Crenshaw or Antony and the Johnsons. Add Django to that list. – Jason Dean, CroMag/7Inches

A largely improvised, very long track. Written and recorded for I Heart Noise online performance series and a single from the upcoming album “Drama King”

Tomotsugu Nakamura – Untitled

Tomotsugu Nakamura is a sound artist based in Tokyo. 4th album “monologue” has been released from Audiobulb UK. His primary artistic practice is composing music by acoustic instruments, sound processing and field recordings.

Further Reading – sonofmarketing

Yar Dreams of Sela – Garak is Love

Ambient Clawhammer from the heart of Long Island.

Paul Doliner – Guitar
Benjamin Malkin (Solilians) – Banjo

See Also – 18 – An I Heart Noise Guest Mix from Solilians

m.a.s.s.a.i. – Hidin’ in Plain Sight

aka Me and Skyjelly, Skyjelly and I – Rick Skyjelly Jones + Sheik

Hey c’mon..Let’s get it rollin!

Embryoroom – Key & Chain + Angel ex·ter·mi·na·tor

Edward Quist (born Edward Paul Quist in Brooklyn, December 9, 1976) is an American director, screenwriter, producer, composer, multidiscipline artist who also works under the name Embryoroom. Themes emerging from Quist’s work include electronic and biomorphic imagery, experimental narrative, the unorthodox use of motion graphics and visuals. – Wikipedia

Further Reading – The Noise Beneath the Snow | 1883 Magazine

dj ewi – One / One Seedy Baby

dj ewi (is a band) Earl Darling -Drums. Audrey Easley – flute, ewi, sewing machine. Clay Pendergrass – beats, bumps, sonic collage


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