Watch // IHN Fest 2021 / 4.0
Watch // IHN Fest 2021 / 4.0

Watch // IHN Fest 2021 / 4.0

Broadcast #4 of our livestream is here! Think of it is an old (aka good) MTV – an extra thick soup of music videos/animation/record promos and assorted randomness.

Don’t forget to check our archives for even more awesome visuals. We also encourage you to buy records by artists that contributed to livestreams/broadcasts so far.


Skyjelly – Thunderstruck (Emetrex cover)
Junklight – Untitled
Clara Engel – I Have No Words (Tapemancy / Opa Loka)
Movie Nightt – Splash/Waves (OIM Records)
Jekyll Island – What Branches Grow
Coupler – Technocrat (yk Records)
Special Friend – Ennemi commun
Cult of Dom Keller – Lyssa (Fuzz Club)
Nywre – Manifes (WHOK / Fort Evil Fruit)
Thomas Ragsdale – Improv
Polyhymns – Unboxers (Do It Thissen)
Dean McPhee – Water Burial (World in Winter Recordings)
Nashville Ambient Ensemble – Coda (Centripetal Force)
Kieran Mahon – Leonov
The Holy Family – Inward Turning Suns (Rocket Recordings)
Dirishu6 – Untitled (Hidden Bay)
Moths and Locusts – Slumper (NoiseAgonyMayhem)
Beauty Pill – Pardon Our Dust (Northern Spy)
POLA – Parched Lake (Soundtracking the Void)
Dyr Faser – Volunteer
In Violet – Cathedral Thinking (Glasshouse Records)
Obnox – Only Black Man in South Dakota
This Ship Argo – Why Are You Like This
Eyes Everywhere – Theme from Beef

Interludes / Unannounced

Sianspheric Vinyl (via notasheepnope)

Lowhop Records promo – Tha Ill Saint 

Yar Dreams of Sela – Garak is Love

Isvisible / Isinvisible – Moon-White Water promo via Burning Witches Records

Thank you for tuning in

Cobra McJingleballs | PopePepe | Ben / Goodbye Better | Genetic Effects | Electric Djinn

Neuro No Neuro | Harrison and Dunkley | Gary Rees | tlr | Petridisch | Stephen WeigelIn Violet


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