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First IHN Fest of the year 2021! See archives/previous livestreams here.


Skyjelly – Subway Rider

Yar Dreams of Sela – Sons of Seven of Nine

Betwixt – Good Times Roll – Cahs cover

Twink the Toy Piano Band – Uh Uh Oh

Aaron Larget-Caplan – Untitled

Matters – Hannah

Sunken Foal – Untitled

Anura – Deluge

Simon McCorry – Spheric

Goodparley –  Untitled

Diskette Park – Yamaha Funsies

Interlude – Alice in Wonderland / Tweedlee and Tweedledum fight

Sleep Movies – Apparition

Duck – C/Rage

Neuro…No Neuro – Feathering at the Edges

Paul Leary – Born Stupid

Herbcraft – Jupiter Trine Sun

Knife for Frau Muller – First Dose of Cat Felix

Civil Civic – Run Overdrive

Interlude – Kitty Little

Dyr Faser – Don’t

Ex-Hyena – Shades

Harrison & Dunkley – Our Man in Botswana

Violet Nox – Cosmic Bits

Auktsyon – Road (Live)

They Might Be Giants – Communists Have the Music

Clocolan – Untitled

Thor & Friends – Mystery Train

Petridisch – CDE – A Sound Meditation

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