Watch: IHN Fest 10/1
Watch: IHN Fest 10/1

Watch: IHN Fest 10/1

Our fe(a)st of audio/visual extravaganza (aka IHN Fest) is back! 10/1 edition is up now in all of its glory, so pass the word along.

Links to previous editions of IHN Fest can be found here. We also got a Youtube playlist of all our fests.


Skyjelly – Accidents (from Black Powder Sunrise Girl)

Skyjelly is there when meteorites crash into the ground. It’s in the trees and the grass. It’s there very early in the morning when most people are asleep in warm houses. What can we do? People change and we’re changing too – changing and dissolving into the air just as you finally see it. We’ll be there again. We always play.

Solilians – Trans-Pecos Montage

Solilians space drone dreams are the interstellar journeys of mystic seekers, mantra minimalism for the next generation. Benjamin Malkin’s slow motion ambient dub prisms of klezmer melody refract Sharon Malkin’s Mediterranean Hebrew beauty; while Gabriel Walsh’s psychedelic sci-fi edge dances with Neptune Sweet’s otherworldly cosmic majesty, all coming together on Shin, the four-piece’s debut full-length. Think Stereolab slowed down to Stars Of The Lid.

Shane Parish – Untitled Piano Improv

Shane Parish is a guitarist residing in Asheville, North Carolina, who devotes much of his time to developing his singular and expressive voice on the instrument. A self-taught musician, his teenage years were spent improvising and writing original music with friends. Later he taught himself to read music, studied theory, and learned classical guitar, jazz and folk styles. His sound simultaneously draws from the guitar’s rich history and aims for its future. He communicates through emotion, unexpected melodicism, technical whimsy, a nuanced sense of form, and rich timbral variety.

Electric Djinn – Deer Xing

Electric Djinn is computer based sonic candy. Tracks are grounded in low frequencies, programmed beats,virtual synths and processed vocals. Subtle layers of binarual beats and isochronic tones are also used to raise vibrations.

EYEBALL – Delirium

EYEBALL is a collective of beings from Raleigh, North Carolina (USA) who combine their instruments with effects, noise, and feedback to venture beyond the astral realm of psychedelic neo-space rock.

Hedia – Quartet 4

Emerald Comets – Swoon

OIYO – Nirvana

dj ewi (is a band) – Live in Texas, 2014

meroitic – every

Patricia Wolf – Transport

Polypores – Global Hypercolour

AGED – no surprise at all

Chloe Alexandra – Latent

Leif Erikson Cabal – Submerge

Big Pal – Huge Fan

Niksen – Places That Turn to Air

Neuro…No Neuro – Lift Yourself Out of Yourself

Now Sleep – Some Don’t Know What They Are

aboombong – Forsaken

Outro – Brian Eno – Deep Blue Day

Interludes by 

Colin Raff



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