Watch: Bark Psychosis – Big Shot
Watch: Bark Psychosis – Big Shot

Watch: Bark Psychosis – Big Shot

Bark Psychosis Hex

Bark Psychosis is the band you never heard off but they changed the sound of music by influencing countless of musicians whom adopted their “Post-Rock” sound. My visual interpretation of the song “Big Shot” is centered upon themes of existential restlessness and American obsession with constant the search for fulfillment and meaning outside themselves.

This year marks 25th anniversary of the release of Hex – minor post-rock/ambient classic that was also remastered and reissued few years ago via Fire Records. To coincide with the said anniversary our associate/tech guru Doug Perry (aka Aspie in a Bowtie) produced this colorful video for “Big Shot” (aka track #4 on Hex).

For anyone curious to learn more about Bark Psychosis we also recommend diving into British Post Rock guest mix (courtesy of Alan Morse Davies). In addition to BP it also includes entries on Papa Sprain, Earwig and A.C. Marias.


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