Watch: 40 for 40s – Petridisch/Cryostasium
Watch: 40 for 40s – Petridisch/Cryostasium

Watch: 40 for 40s – Petridisch/Cryostasium

Beautiful, moody dark ambient music that conjures shadowy worlds with just a few layers of synth.

Think about it – just one sentence, but a kind of sentence that captures an essence of someone’s work perfectly. That someone just happened to be our very own Petridisch and the quote above (that appeared in New & Notable section of Bandcamp) references Hit Rendition, his latest:

A co-release between Petri’s own label Fish Prints and VA-based Grimalkin Records, HR is almost sold out, so better hurry up if you want to get a copy!
And a story of Petridisch/Fish Prints wouldn’t be complete without a mention of Cryostasium, real-life twin with a musical vision of his own. Much like Petri, Cryostasium has been travelling the underground for decades, producing countless splits and albums along the way.

And both Petri and Cryo celebrate their 40s this year, so we couldn’t think of a better way to celebrate than putting together a playlist that features work by both. Think live performances, music videos and videos produced by others – an enormous body of work that is bound to grow in upcoming years.


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