Video Premiere // Luxury Deathtrap – Sinking Ship
Video Premiere // Luxury Deathtrap – Sinking Ship

Video Premiere // Luxury Deathtrap – Sinking Ship

At first glance Sinking Ship seems like a simple music video. Filmed in a studio, the video depicts alt rock trio, Luxury Deathtrap, as they perform the song on their instruments. All pretty straightforward on its surface. But once the viewer starts paying attention to the lyrics and the content of the song the video transforms into something deeper, something mesmerizing.

Filmed live at New Alliance Studio in Somerville MA by the Treebeard Media crew, the video strikes a raw nerve with its resonating cello parts and contemplative lyrics drawing from deep personal experience. The band features Nick McGowan on vocals and guitar, Rich Otero on drums, Andy Hanson-Dvoracek on guitar, and Eric Hochwald on cello.

In this song, Luxury Deathtrap has a sound similar to that of R.E.M. at their height of popularity in the 90’s due to McGowan’s voice. The band compares themselves to Nirvana, Failure, and Alice in Chains. But don’t get too caught up looking for comparisons, this song stands on its own merit.

With lyrics such as “Don’t wait until/It’s over/Oh you heard the news/That time was not on your side/Yeah you felt the weight suffocate/You can’t escape/No time on your side/Don’t wait until/It’s over” this song makes the listener question their mortality and the need to accomplish all that they can while they are on this Earth. Lyrics about the unexpected loss of a friend are poignant and sung in a heartfelt way by McGowan so that it draws the viewer into the video.

The cello and opening cymbals do a lot to set the mood of Sinking Ship. McGowan’s unique vocal stylings keep the viewer engaged with the lyrics. All the instrumentalists are focused on perfection, and they perform in a way that takes the viewers to an emotional place along with the band.

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