Video Premiere: Coupler – The Technocrat
Video Premiere: Coupler – The Technocrat

Video Premiere: Coupler – The Technocrat

No one in their right mind would call Suicide a traditional dance band, yet its also hard to deny that both Rocket USA and Ghost Rider both came with a serious set of grooves. Same can be said about “The Technocrat” – its danceable, very groovy and yet it so much darker than your average dancefloor filler that it could easily appeal to someone into Suicide (as well as early Cure or Sisters of Mercy).

That’s not to say it sounds anything like your traditional goth rock either, but the mood and the vibe certainly point in that direction. But now…who is the (rather villainy) technocrat in question? Could it be this guy?

The song is entirely instrumental, so no answers to be found there. The video might hold more clues – the technocrat in question certainly enjoys fast car rides, expensive drinks and (gasp!) guns. If not Mr. Zuckerberg, it could well be your average rich partier out of Silicon Valley – the ominous “Blade Runner” vibe suggesting, however, that there might be a lot more than partying going on behind the scenes. A dream of world domination finally coming true, perhaps?

Animation by Ben Marcantel

The Rhythm Method by Coupler is out now on yk records


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