Video Premiere: Bob Villain – Pochek
Video Premiere: Bob Villain – Pochek

Video Premiere: Bob Villain – Pochek

Everyone loves solving a mystery and, boy, do we have one for you right now! The mystery revolves around LA musician Bob Villain and his new song/video “Pochek” that leads to more questions that answers.
What little we do know about Bob comes from his Bandcamp page and accounts of people that had a chance to witness his performances:

Grimm’s Fairy tales, Scott Walker, Nosferatu,JT Leroy, fictional, real. Equal parts nightmare, fantasy, and puppet show. Channeling the heroes before us, clanging on his guitar, & bringing simple synth sounds to lull us all back into the darkest womb.

What about Pochek, then? After watching the video we assumed it to be some kind of deity, but Bob himself offers another explanation (a whole number of them, really):

Pochek is a feeling, I believe. A word I made up that represents a feeling of burrowing, or a dark space where nothing changes. It’s safe and also a quicksand or black hole.

While IHN is nowhere near LA we encourage our followers to go out and investigate the phenomenon of Bob Villain. The man and his work defies easy explanation which is why we’re eager to learn more.


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