Video Premiere: Bloom de Wilde – Atlas Cassandra
Video Premiere: Bloom de Wilde – Atlas Cassandra

Video Premiere: Bloom de Wilde – Atlas Cassandra

Bloom de Wilde Atlas Cassandra

If Bloom de Wilde, the subject of our video premiere, will ever blow up in a big way (and chances are, she just might) the first comparison you’ll hear 99% of time would be Bjork. And as is often the case with new artists this would be hugely misleading.

There’s no question that de Wilde’s work was heavily informed by Icelandic avant-pop queen, but there’s also so much more than just mere copying/plagiarism going on in “Atlas Cassandra”. Its a kind of song brings that together a multitude of influences (world music being one with gong and gamelan being prominent in the mix) with the end result being completely its own thing.

Second thing I expect to be repeated from one review to another is a notion of innocence permeating de Wilde’s music. This one would be less misleading, as both video and the song got more than a whiff of playfulness to them – think less irritating Joanna Newsom.

Its always exciting to discover artists that got an original vision of their own, but there’s also an anxiety that comes along when you think about the long history all those promising that ended up being kicked to the curb and destroyed. Hopefully this won’t be the case here.

Video directed by Kai Nobuko and Bloom de Wilde

Atlas Cassandra is out on Nov. 29 via Dream Society Records


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