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Nearly every single one of us went through a moment in life, where we watched or heard something and instantly asked our ourselves:

Why isn’t this band/artist more popular?

Such is the case with Astral Swans – Canadian band led by Matthew Swann. After watching a video for Controls I had to pinch myself and ask how is it possible that most people never heard of them.
AS/Matt got all the right ingredients for success – the beautiful and haunting songs that put them right alongside Mercury Rev/Hopewell/Flaming Lips et al and equally memorable visuals/videos to go along with said songs. As usual, the only thing you can say in response to aforementioned question is ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Well, we’re hoping to rectify the situation a bit by premiering this here video for “Kids Came By and Burned Down the Scene”:

Video by Gabriel Alan Collins – shot on iPhone, science-centre kaleidoscope, plastic gel-filters and featuring a particularly brazen racoon from Vancouver, Canada’s West End, street name: “Trash Panda”. Song produced by Scott Munro (Preoccupations), Paul Chirka, and Matthew Swann.

Kids can be found on last year’s Strange Prison LP. We highly recommend everyone to dive into that album and the rest of the band’s catalog – whether you’re into psych/space rock or ambient or just plain ol’ trippy/smoking jams you’ll find plenty to sink your teeth into.

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