Valentine/Schmalentine 2018
Valentine/Schmalentine 2018

Valentine/Schmalentine 2018

Anti-Valentine Playlist 2018

Buy a tub of Manic Panic and dye your hair electric lizard green. Send some ill-advised tweets about your loneliness off into the void. Pierce your friend’s ear, or your own. Blare Scissor Sisters and start planning a kiki. This night is yours, make it count.

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Collecting some of the best Valentine Day mixes for anyone that is not into celebrating anything, much less V-Day – feel free to jump into V/S archives to check our own mixes from previous years + guest mixes from Lightning Pill, Letters from a Tapehead and more!
The Riot Fest’s Valentine’s Day (For Weirdos) (compiled by Dustin Krcatovich) – featuring Cub, The Legendary Stardust Cowboy, Gary Wilson, The Boys Next Door, The Godz
Emerald Recommends: Anti Valentine’s Day Songs (compiled by Nic Castillon) – featuring LCD Soundsystem, Ween, Belle & Sebastian, Big Star, Gang of Four
Ziemba – The Relic is Right (compiled by Rachel Hann) – spiders en Vogue
A Playlist for Valentine’s Day Destruction (compiled by Shay Collins for Cornell Daily Sun) – featuring Hunx & His Punx, Jungle Green, The King Khan & BBQ Show

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