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“The Cortège” is a final studio record from legendary “freak collective” / supergroup TLASILA. It was originally recorded by Don Fleming in 2007 and the lineup for the album includes Fleming himself, founder Tom Smith, Andrew W.K.,  Frank “Rat Bastard” Falestra, Chris Grier and Dimthingshine (formerly Dimthings) among many others.

The Cortège is a completely different journey from what one might expect from TLASILA. Songs like “Flattering Circles of Hell” and “‘Til Their Legs Gave Way'” go far beyond the usual noise exercises they are known for and drifts into a darker yet beautiful place that will surprise even the most TLASILA completist.

1. Bright Lights, Theatre, Furs
2. Options Denied
3. Full Of Improbables
4. Poisoned Counterparts
5. Flattering Circles Of Hell
6. The Last, Least Loved
7. Till Their Legs Gave Way
8. If I Am The Rodent
9. Three Fingers
10. I Found My Ruin Instead
11. The Cortège
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