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Eric Robel is currently directing a documentary on legendary Minneapolis label Amphetamine Reptile.
Founded in 1986 by then-marine Tom Hazelmeyer, AmRep started out by putting out records by Hazelmeyer’s own band Halo Of Flies, but the label also went on to release records by the likes Melvins, Hammerhead, Cows, Chokebore and Servotron.
AmRep was most closely associated with noise rock genre, but as Hazelmeyer himself puts it in a documentary:

Its not noise, its not grunge, its just a punch in the face

Or as Komakino Zine puts it:

Over 25 years of genuine noise, folks. Tempus fugit.
The Color of Noise” will be a story of music and art, and how the keen musical tastes, and ultra graphic design sense of one independent record label owner brought to the world the sights and sounds that helped to create and influence future musical genres while humbly kicking the crap out of the rock underground!

There is not set release date, but according to TCoN blog, the movie is halfway finished and Quicktime trailer is available here.
In the meantime, you can check out IHRTN’s AmRep A-Z Archive or see photos and videos from AmRep 25th Bash.
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