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“Ode To Bubbler” is a brand new studio album from Controlled Bleeding – their first in five years. “Ode” features contributions from Joe Papa (R.I.P.), Tatsuya Yoshida (Ruins) and Weasel Walter.

When someone finally writes a definitive history on the industrial music movement,Controlled Bleeding deserve their own chapter. The New York-based outfit has released over 30 albums since it formed back in the late ’70s. Lead by mastermind Paul Lemos, Controlled Bleeding have consistently remained one of the most forward-thinking groups within the experimental music community.
‘Odes to Bubbler,’ the latest release from the prolific band, features contributions from recently deceased former vocalist Joe Papa, as well as guest performers Tatsuya Yoshida of RuinsWeasel Walter, and more. The album spotlights the group’s signature meditative textural pieces, harsh sonic caterwauls, and distinctive industrial dissonance.
“This new album is a schizophrenic journey through the past five years of my musical activity… bringing together the raw direct approach of the new line-up and the more experimental sound work that I had been doing previously. The entire record is a sort of tribute or dedication to Joe Papa [Bubbler], my collaborator of 26 years, who passed away last year,” Lemos told Noisecreep.

01. Trawler’s Song (Stream)
02. Eye of Needle
03. Chum Grubber
04. Controlled Bleeding
05. Swarm
06. Shards Blown Back
07. A Love Song (In Two Parts)
08. Tatsuya
09. Jay’s Song #1
10. Jay’s Song #2
11. Live On Boat (Rostock, Germany)
12. Bees (Part 1)
13. Bees (Part 2)
14. Bees (Part 3)
15. Bees (An Outro)
16. Grinder’s Song
17. Rothko
18. Spattered In the Key of ‘O’
19. An Announcement
Visit: SoilelmoonWinged Disc | Controlled Bleeding – Official Site
More info: Boston PhoenixPure Grain Audio | Noisecreep

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