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Its no secret that at this point vinyl production is an obscenely expensive and slow process. Yet, in spite of all the production/cost flaws vinyl also remains one of most attractive options when it comes to physical mediums.
So how do smaller labels manage to produce vinyl in face of all the obstacles? We asked that exact question to our readers in early April and now we invite you to join the thread/share your thoughts:

Participants so far:
Dubpixel / mrscientificterms / Kees de Groot / WarHen Records / Tristan Welch / Aerocade Music / WhatFreshHell / Jim Moon / Rodney Cromwell / Andrew W Harper / S Montgomery / Mistake by the Lake / Yes Selma / Art for Blind / Riot Season Records / Burning Witches Records / Jon Solomon / Conan Neutron and more!
Sometime after the thread was created a couple of significant vinyl-related developments followed
1. Bandcamp announced that they’re going to start offering in-house vinyl pressing/shipping
2. Mother Tongue, a new pressing plant/distributor, opened in Italy
Coincidence? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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