Unspooling the Thread // Favorite Record Labels (Pt. 2)
Unspooling the Thread // Favorite Record Labels (Pt. 2)

Unspooling the Thread // Favorite Record Labels (Pt. 2)

More favorite record labels picked by our followers! See part 1 of the roundup here.


Spartan Records

Wormhole World



Crafted Sounds

Reckless Yes


Spartan Records is a boutique independent record label in Seattle, Washington that was started by John T Frazier in 2013. Recent releases include The Never Ending Year by VAR (Iceland) vinyl reissue of Singularity by Mae.

Wormhole World is based in UK and specializes in experimental/electronic music of different forms. Recent releases include With Seasonal Affect by mzungu, Cartography by Outside the Glitch and Dejado by Quimper.

Crafted Sounds is an independent record label out of Pittsburgh, PA that focuses primarily on the cassette tape format. Their recent releases include No More Heroes by The Zells, High Fantasy by Flower Crown and Ride Every Day by Merce Lemon.

The Reckless Yes is a British label that put out a double CD anthology by Boston’s Turkish Delight along with releases by LIINES, Captain Handsome, Bugeye and others.

via Jasper PR

Fallen Moon Recordings

Digital only sub-label of Past Inside the Present that explores experimental forms of music and sound creation.

Recent Releases – Tyresta – Easel Music / Jayve Montgomery – Movements for Waiting / Cissi and Yanni – 2746

via Andrew Anderson

Fluid Audio

Record label run by people behind the UK blog Fluid Radio. They put out releases by Moss Covered Technology, Cameron Day and others.

via David M. Falconer

King Pizza Records

Rum Bar Records

Slovenly Recordings

Wild Honey Records

F.O.A.D. Records

Brooklyn-based King Pizza Records is 10% label, 90% community. Releases by Heavy Flow, The Night Screams, Super FM and others.

Rum Bar Records is based in Boston and was described as “the boss sound from the Boss-town.” by Bill Kelly from WFMU. Their recent releases include self-titled LP by The Idolizers, Selfish Propensities by Nana and Take Me Back To Planet Earth by Muck and the Mires.

Active since 2002, Slovenly Recordings made its name on psych/garage records. Recent releases include self-titled LP by Green/Blue,  Selected Outtakes EP by Acid Baby Jesus and Hurting 4 Certain EP by Tommy And The Commies.

Wild Honey Records is an independent label from Italy that likes rock’n’roll and pop songs. Recent releases include
The Benefit of Things to Come compilation and Life’s For Living EP by Tim Timebomb.

F.O.A.D. Records is an Italian label that was started way back in 1986 and specializes in metal/punk/thrash.

via The Rodent Hour

Buzzhowl Records

Hominid Sounds

Cruel Nature Records

Buzzhowl Record is a UK label that’s been bringing it up and taking it down since 2018. Recent releases include Snakebit​/​Unravelling by Typical Hunks, Our Weekend Starts Tomorrow​/​Broken Glass by MASKS and Fantastic Man by Blacklisters.

Hominid Sounds is a London based vinyl & tape label for noise, punk, psyche, electronics, metal, sludge, rock and jazz. Recent releases include Petrichor and Rainbows by Shuck, Punishments by The Shits and The Agony In The Garden by Warren Schoenbright.

Cruel Nature Records is a UK based DIY limited edition cassette label that’s been doing its ting since 2013. Recent releases include Best in Show by Lovely Wife, Absolution by Salisman & His Blessed Eunuchs and Ballpeen by Pachinko

via Nate Holdren


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