Tommy Bell and His Minions Vol. 3: Sister Meringue
Tommy Bell and His Minions Vol. 3: Sister Meringue

Tommy Bell and His Minions Vol. 3: Sister Meringue

Third volume in the series curated by I Heart Noise and Petridisch
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We pick one track from upcoming reissue of Tommy Bell – sole album by cult Boston band Turkish Delight – and then pick tracks that we might be spiritual predecessors or successors to the said track

Third volume is dedicated to the track “Sister Meringue”
Turkish Delight – Sister Meringue
Turkish Delight…brought neurotic bizarritude to new heights…an elastic bassline lurched and jumped while an electric can made strange noises, and on top of that lay bored sounding female sing-speak… David Jarman (CMJ)
Taken from Tommy Bell (Castle Von Buhler, 1996 / I Heart Noise, 2017)
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Kaito – ‘Go’
English darlings KaitO comprised a fun, electronic spunk similar to the likes of Bis and Kenickie. Hailing from Norwich, England, KaitO’s Nikki Colk (vocals/guitar), Gemma Cullingford (bass), Dave Lake (guitar), and Dieta Quantrill(drums) were a quick fit to England’s underground indie scene.
After the band’s break up Nikki Colk (aka Nik Void) went on to play with Carter Tutti Void and Factory Floor
Taken from You’ve Seen Us, You Must’ve Seen Us (Devil in the Woods, 2001 / Fierce Panda, 2001)

The Gordons – Spik and Span
The Gordons existed from 1980 to 1984 and caused a major stir in New Zealand’s music scene with their intense and innovative sonic experiments with volume, rhythm, structure, guitar tunings, and dissonance. Eventually the band became Bailter Space.
Taken from The Gordons (Gordons, 1981 / Flying Nun, 1988)
Reading: 30kwattpa

Parlor Walls – Mississippi 
Sometimes it’s good to remind ourselves that good art is rooted in a full range of human emotionality. The artist dons a veil that makes us forget that they are first and foremost, human, and, as such, susceptible to feelings, perhaps more so than others, necessitating their translation and interpretation onto the canvas, or, in the case of Parlor Walls, into their music.
Taken from Parlor Walls EP (Self Released, 2014)
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Scrawl – Breaker, Breaker
Long before the riot grrrl movement opened the floodgates for the widespread emergence of female artists in the male-dominated world of indie rock, the Columbus, OH-based trio Scrawl carved out their own tough-minded yet feminine niche within the underground community. Formed by singer/guitarist Marcy Mays, bassist Sue Harshe, and drummer Carolyn O’Leary, the group –originally dubbed “Skull” — debuted in the summer of 1985 by playing a 20-minute opening set for the Meat Puppets
Taken from He’s Drunk (Rough Trade, 1988)
Also appears on Stereolab/Scrawl split (Radiopaque Recordings, 1994)
Reading: Chickfactor | AllMusic

Earth Heart – Demons
In February of 2013, Katie Coriander (vocalist and guitarist) and Matt Axten (drummer) met at, All Asia Cafe in Cambridge, MA. Coriander at the time was working on a solo project and she was in need of a band. Axten took a huge leap of faith and volunteered to be her drummer without even listening to her music. When Coriander and Axten performed their first show together, they didn’t rehearse their first setlist. The musical duo has performed at numerous venues in the Boston area such as, The Middle East, TT the Bear’s Place, and more!
Taken from Homesick (Self Released, 2016)
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Document – Hustle
A brooding, slinky affair, Hustle showcases a new side to scuzzy Tel Aviv quartet Document. Understated, but bristling with the same electric energy as previous single Habit, it’s a swampy call to arms for disaffected youth.
Hustle is taken from forthcoming album The Void Repeats, out November 9th. The album was recorded at The Junk in Tel Aviv and was mixed by Bill Skibbe of Key Club Recording (The Black Keys, Protomartyr, Blonde Redhead and The Kills among others)
Taken from  The Void Repeats (Self Released, 2017)
Bandcamp | Soundcloud

Weed Hounds – Skating Away From the Cops
we are a band, and this is how we utilize the internet.
Taken from Beach Bummed (Iron Pier, 2010)
Double Life is out now on Don Giovanni Records
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Ovlov – Small Voices
Ovlov is a Connecticut band made of three brothers who share a healthy obsession with ‘90s era lo-fi heroes like Dinosaur Jr. and Pavement with a hearty appreciation of Sonic Youth.
Taken from Exploding in Sound Records Sample 2012/2013 (Exploding in Sound, 2013)
Also appears on Greatest Hits Vol II (Exploding in Sound, 2017)
Reading: Stereogum | Consequence of Sound | Popmatters

Eldridge Rodriguez – Don’t You Feel Bad
Eldridge Rodriguez is a family affair, not just for the relatives involved, but for the Boston music scene in general. At its base, the band is made up of two pairs of brothers: Cameron and Clayton Keiber, and Dennis and David Grabowski. The roots run even deeper than that, though. Cameron and Dennis played together in Boston favorites The Beatings, the Grabowski brothers are both in Louder My Dear, and the Keibers run indie label Midriff Records, Cameron from Boston and Clayton from Brooklyn. Eldridge Rodriguez started as an outlet for Cameron’s musical aspirations outside of The Beatings, but over the years has grown like a family tree into something much bigger.
Reading: Consequence of Sound
Bandcamp | Facebook

Bombay Beach – Lip Oil
Out of the Pacific Northwest of the U.S.A. emerges a rock and roll band by the name of Bombay Beach. After holing up in a studio to develop their live set and the release of a 7”, Matt Zimmerman (vocals/bass), Jeremiah Hayden (drums/vocals), and Ryan Lynch (guitars, pedals, sounds, vocals) now set loose their debut album Death Tape.
Historically, rock music has often been thought of as an exception to art — as if its status as non-painting makes it ordinary — and occasionally still, rock and roll is viewed as the work of aberrant groups of aggressive men. But Bombay Beach as a band turns out to be what contemporary art has become: genre mixing, non-solipsistic, time-based, not exclusive, and in many ways free.
Reading: Williamette Week | Noise & Color PDX | The Art Dept

Tiki Twins – Stay Awake
shake shack/taco bell garage punk – comprised from members of Skyjelly and Future Spa

Taken from Enjoy (Self Released, 2017)

Shimmer – Enter Shimmer
With members common to Tredici Bacci, Palberta, The Cradle, Old Maybe, and Cloud Becomes Your Hand (the latter two having received glowing reviews from us in the past), Shimmer inherits the darkest elements from classic no wave, Load Records-style noise rock, and the contemporary art punk, all of which have frothed and bubbled and fermented into a frightening, relentless debut.
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Terminal Cheesecake – Poultice
Terminal Cheesecake return with ‘Dandelion Sauce Of The Ancients’, the band’s first studio album since 1994!
Forming in London in 1988 Terminal Cheesecake made waves releasing an uncompromising blend of psych, dub and industrial grooves across two EPs, six albums and a now infamous session for John Peel.
Last year the band celebrated their reincarnation with the release of an outstanding and deservedly praised live album ‘Cheese Brain Fondue’ released on US based label Artificial Head.
Reading: The Quietus | The Obelisk | The Wire | Echoes and Dust | Dayz of Purple and Orange
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